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Welcome to, a website where you can find innovation, inspiration & guidelines regarding banks & its branches locating all around the world!!!!

We’re adventurous and socially aware persons who keep on updating continual banking details to make your transaction easy and convenient, so each day we bring you some of the most important inspiring knowledge regarding banks and bank related IFSC, MICR, and SWIFT codes.

We are doing this as a collaborative project with all the bankers having branches all around the world; we are motivating a strong advocate of union between the online user and the banker. We are introducing bank several new ways to express the world around us in an easy and understandable way.

We want readers to feel free to agree or disagree the pros and cons with our posts and services and say as it is on the site. We encourage and welcome bold opinions and experienced user’s reviews. Our team has been started with simple steps and with a big dream, a dream of being the best service provider among many service providers all around the world.

Here we are providing the all sorts of IFSC, SWIFT and MICR codes to our customer just by following simple steps. The one and only thing which you supposed to do is

  • Select the name of the bank
  • Select the state where it is located
  • Select the district where it presents
  • Select the branch name

By ensuring all these details you can get all sorts of IFSC (Indian Financial System Code), SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), and MICR (Magnetic Ink Code Reader) of the banks all over the world at your ease. By surfing through our website you can make all type of financial transactions to any other banks availing all over the world easily.

What are the advantages of IFSC code?

There are huge numbers of advantages in utilizing IFSC codes, in order to keep it short, some of them are listed below.

  • Online financial transactions have been made possible: standing on a huge queue for passing even a small amount of money on your local bank branch offices are those days which has been eliminated from the history by the use of these types of IFSC codes. Can Saves huge amount of time from standing a long queue and can do all sorts of transfers all over the world within a few fractions of second.
  • Enables immediate transfer: They speedup the process of passing money to all other banks throughout the world. These types of immediate money transfer options are very effective at the time of emergency situations. And they have been proven to be an effective way of transferring funds.
  • Possibilities for occurrence of fraudulent activities can be reduced: as each and every bank is having their own unique IFSC codes all can transfer money safely and securely without any difficulties from the fraudulent activities. Proper start and end point presence has made the funds to be tracked easily by the user.
  • 24x7 customer supports: There is no need to wait for a holiday or a eve, you can transfer your funds at any time and on any day without any difficulties by the use of these type of IFSC codes.
  • Internet banking: one can pay, check and buy all sorts of things through online money transfer process through this Indian financial system codes.

Advantages of MICR codes:

MICR technology is a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology mainly used in the banking industry to facilitate the checks processing and to provide excellent security system for the users financial transactions.  Presence of Magnetically chargeable printer ink and toner makes them to be highly unique and safe. These characters includes banks route number, customers check number and account number as well. This type of technology is not only used in the banking industry but also in the airline companies towards the ticket verification process.

  • Can pass all sorts of checks within few fractions of seconds. Manual verification and manual errors can be eliminated with the help of these MICR codes.
  • It limits fraudulent check activity by accurately diagnosing the person’s uniqueness.
  • Prior to these MICR codes banks usually takes more than one week to clear or pass any checks within few fractions of seconds.

Advantages of SWIFT codes:                            

  • SWIFT codes are vital for doing all sorts of financial transactions.
  • Entire money transfer is happening through RTGS system (Real time Gross settlement) and NEFT process (National Electronic Fund Transfer).
  • It enables the users to transfer funds electronically.
  • Presence of 3 different sections and 8-11 characters makes them to be much more unique.


Though it might be much easier to learn MICR codes, user might be in need of such code at the time of offline transactions. One must know the basic of MICR, IFSC codes to do all sorts of electronic transactions, in case if you don’t know then no problem then here is our website where you can get all the list of branch IFSC codes, by entering the specific bank name and its location you can get all sorts of relevant information within few fractions of seconds.

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In order to make banking a pleasant surprise to its users we are providing this kind of Codes service. All sorts of bank details, address, contact numbers can be easily gathers with the help of this website. We have designed this with the main motto of providing 24x7 services to our customers at an easy rate. For more information  you can make use of our online customer support service and toll free numbers too.

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