punjab national bank chandigarh - IFSC Code

This branch of PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK is located at Chandigarh in the Chandigarh district of the state of Chandigarh. The PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK, Chandigarh branch's address is , as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) records.

Details About Chandigarh chandigarh - PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK
IFSC CodePUNB0141800
Addresssector 23, chandigarh
Bank CodePUNB
Phone NumberNot Available
MICR Code160024025
Swift CodeNot Available

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What is the IFSC Code of PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Chandigarh ?

What is the Full Address of PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Chandigarh ?

Is NEFT and UPI Service Available in PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Chandigarh ?

What is the MICR Code of PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Chandigarh ?

Format of PUNB0141800 IFSC Code

A IFSC code (PUNB0141800) consists of 11 alphanumeric characters, with the first four PUNB representing the name of the bank which is PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK, while the last six 141800 representing the branch of the bank which is Chandigarh. As a rule of thumb, the fifth character is generally 0 which is reserved for future use. Below is the format of the IFSC


Where Else You Can Find IFSC PUNB0141800 Code

  • 1 - PUNB0141800 IFSC code is available on cheque leaf and PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK passbook.
  • 2 - On the Reserve Bank of India's Official website, you can find PUNB0141800 IFSC code for PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Chandigarh.
  • 3 - It is also possible that you will find PUNB0141800 IFSC codes on the PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK official website.

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